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Irfran View

Fast and capable, this lightweight app is perfect for most users. With so many free graphics apps you have plenty of options. You can edit photos and other bit-mapped images quickly and easily with Irfanview, as well as paint images from scratch. Irfanview is simple enough for an amateur to use but powerful enough for a professional to get the quality results needed. It also includes an extensive effects toolbox with many tools likewise suitable for any level of expertise.

IrfanView Features
Irfanview’s extensive cropping options allow you to select rectangular areas from several aspect options or by pixel dimensions. Position as well as size of the crop can be specified numerically or by using the mouse.
Watermark or Overlay Image
You can easily add an image from a file as a watermark or overlay. You can specify percent transparency, the center or any corner as a starting point, and x and y pixel offsets.
Image Resizing/Resampling
You can resize or resample your image to several preset sizes or to pixel dimensions of your choosing. You have options such as whether to preserve aspect ratio or to apply sharpening.
Color Depth
With all the advantages of industry strength encryption, never worry about how secure the contents of the compressed archive are. Simply pick a password and instruct the tool to encrypt your important data.
Color Corrections
The ability to adjust brightness, color balance, contrast, gamma correction and saturation either via sliders or numerical entry is a very nice feature. You may save any configuration of these five settings as a profile for later use.
Irfanview does not skimp on the number of graphic effects included. You may chose from several varieties of blur, noise, emboss, distortion, pixelize, oil paint, find edges, three kinds of metallic effect, and many others.
Most computer systems have this capability built in, but it is convenient and time saving to find this feature integrated into an image editor. You can chose from tile, center, stretch and stretch proportionally.
Irfanview allows for the additions of various PlugIns to enhance its already impressive capabilities. There are PlugIns for additional graphic effects, a multimedia player, OCR, JPG lossless rotation and JPG lossless crop
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